Helping animals achieve optimal health and performance.

Dr. Sarah Wuest is an IVCA certified animal chiropractor offering chiropractic services to Calgary and surrounding areas.  She would like to welcome you to her way of approaching animal chiropractic.  Please feel free to contact her with any questions or inquiries.

Dr. Wuest strives to offer her clients the best, most up-to-date and evidence-based chiropractic care available.

Dedicated to the care of animals, she will work in conjunction with your veterinarian to ensure your pet achieves optimal health with the highest quality standards. Regardless of your animal’s stage in life, chiropractic is a powerful tool to keep them as healthy and active as possible.

Dr. Wuest also maintains a busy human practice where she treats athletes of all levels, as well as “regular” people.  She is the owner of Active Balance Health Centre, a wellness clinic, located at 19 Elma Street W, Okotoks. The clinic offers chiropractic treatments, concussion care, pelvic floor physio and orthopedic physio.

Peak Performance Animal Chiropractic is located within Active Balance Health Centre in historic, downtown Okotoks, AB.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

See What Our Clients Say About Us...

“So I rode my horses on Saturday and today as suggested.  Luke is back to being able to trot 1.0m fences and is so soft and balanced. Jeanie is a freaking miracle. It was like someone flicked a switch. She’s back to her old self and working beautifully. You are a life saver!”


“It broke our hearts to see our little Peanut in such pain.  Her disc slipped and it was suggested we book her for an $8000 operation right away and without any guarantees. We were faced with a major decision.  Then we met Dr. Sarah and immediately, like within minutes, she improved in every way. We’re so happy to see little Peanut back to her playful self again! And we’re even more grateful that she got through it without surgery or medication!!  She really enjoys her visits with Dr. Sarah.”


“I have been going to Dr. Wuest for almost 2 years now. She treats my Rottweiler Rolo. I cannot begin to explain how compassionate and caring Dr. Wuest is. She really cares for the animals and their well being. Dr. Wuest has even gone out off her way to treat Rolo on days that were not scheduled for dogs because she didn’t want all the progress we had made to go by the way side. On another note she has also treated my husband & daughter at her human practice. Once again she shows so much compassion for her patients. You can tell she really loves what she does. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Wuest to anyone that was looking for treatment.”


“Sarah is amazing. She treats both me and my horses.  I have 2 warmblood horses that I compete in dressage and do a little jumping with. They both have benefited from Sarah’s care. For example, one of my horses had started to have difficulty holding a right canter lead. Immediately after Sarah’s first adjustment the issue was resolved. She works well with the horses has a good eye for their issues. I have recommended her to several others, and they have in turn recommended her. Sarah’s excellent reputation for good results and excellent care is growing – deservedly so!!”